Flooding and the Effects on Your Home and Body

What a spring we’ve had! July and August are when we typically experience the most thunderstorms—averaging one storm every five days—but they’ve come early this year, and with a vengeance! The amount of heavy rain we’ve incurred with these thunderstorms, and in general, has led to a greater amount of flooding in the area. Beware, though: While the puddles may disappear with the rain once the storms are over, out-of-sight mold may be taking hold and you may need to act quickly.

The Danger of Mold
The effects of mold are dangerous: Serious health problems can often be a result, with people reporting allergic reactions, asthma attacks, migraines, and respiratory issues due to mold. Oftentimes, you might not notice its arrival: mold can grow within an alarming 24-48 hours, behind walls or wallpaper, in the ceiling or attic, and under your flooring. Anywhere water or condensation is present or has been recently is at danger of persistent and troublesome fungal growth.

No Knocking Here
Mold isn’t polite and doesn’t wait for you to answer the door; it comes right in, starting at the ground up. Basements and garages are commonly the first victims to fall to mold, where lack of proper ventilation may play a key part in mold and spore growth. Boxes of stored items, old photo albums or newspapers, even camping equipment and beach supplies can all grow damp and contribute to the issue as well. Another factor, changes in weather—snow, ice, and rain—make driving a car in and out of a garage another contributor to the dampness.

Experts in Mold Remediation
Fortunately, at Peake Restoration, our experts are well versed in mold remediation. We can visit your home for an evaluation of possibly tainted areas, where you’ll receive a report and analysis of your garage and basement or any other affected area. This will guide you to what appropriate next steps need to be taken and other things to consider when dealing with mold removal.

Tell-tale Signs
It’s always wise to be proactive if your house, or the area around it, has recently experienced a lot of water. Even if you can’t see the mold but are afraid it may be hiding, we can best guide you on what to look for, whether it be:

  • Unpleasant odors or dark spots that may indicate a mold problem;
  • Deviations in the surface of windows, paint, or wood; or
  • Recent changes to your health that suggest an underlying mold issue.

We’re Ready to Help
If you’re looking for the best in mold remediation in Howard County, contact us today. We offer the highest standard in mold testing and removal, and can help you be on your way to a safer environment quickly. 

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