Summer Tips to Prevent Mold in the Home

Summer weather can be very unpredictable, with very hot and humid days, followed by rain.  During the months of summer, mold thrives because most strains of mold need warm temperatures in order to grow.  Howard County Mold Services has some tips for you to prevent mold in your home.

  1. Use your air conditioner on hot days.  Mold grows best at temperatures above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep the indoor temperature lower than that if you can.
  2. Watch for any condensation or moisture in your air ducts. Sometimes using the air conditioner can cause condensation and that moisture provides a place for mold to grow.
  3. Close all windows when it rains.  If windows are open when it rains, dry windowsills, floors or any other surface as soon as possible if they are wet.  If carpets get wet, use a fan to dry it faster.
  4. If it’s a rainy summer, watch for signs of leaks in your roofs- you can always call Howard County Mold Services if you think you are having an issue with leaks in your roof.
  5. Turn the exhaust fans on in the bathrooms, or open the bathroom doors and windows.  The steam from the shower fills the bathroom and provides ample moisture for mold.

Address any mold problems that do occur quickly by calling Howard County Mold Services to prevent the mold from growing and spreading to other areas of the home.  If you notice a musty smell in the home, you probably have mold somewhere.  Mold often grows in hard to see places, like under carpet and inside walls.  If you smell something musty but can’t find any mold, we recommend calling Howard County Mold Services so we can come out and give you a quote!

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