Testing, testing...1, 2, 3, testing for Mold!

Whether you live in an old house or one that is newly built, you do what you can to take care of your investment. Home not only to your family, but also those you invite to it. When we talk about home improvements, some of the obvious things come immediately to mind: kitchens, bathrooms, patios, entertainment/family rooms and even garages. By law, homes require home insurance to protect everything inside it – and while there are many preventative steps you make to keep it safe (smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, locks, clean furnace filters, etc.).  There is a major invisible threat that cannot be ignored: Mold.

While not always invisible, there are many instances where mold IS – and left unchecked, mold can cause serious health issues and in extreme conditions, structural damage. In the right conditions, mold only takes 24-48 hours to begin forming. Dark, humid spaces that aren’t often visible offer mold the perfect Petri-dish to start growing!

Why Mold Testing is Important for Everyone

Mold can form on almost any surface – with a preference for porous material (drywall, wood, cement). When checking your basements, attics, and crawlspaces, you should look for white, brown or black spots. In climates that have rising and lowering humidity levels, mold has a more likely chance of forming. Here in the northeastern US, especially during a winter that has experienced extremely low temperatures along with ice and snow – then followed by an extended thaw weather cycle – this type of cycle gives mold the opportunity to form. Houses remain closed up during the winter months – mold can fester and then sadly blossom in the spring!

New homeowners might not think they need to test for mold or even much to worry mold – think again. If building materials were originally wet before they were used and before they were sufficiently dry – those materials are at risk for mold. Additionally, condensation can build up on pipes, in skylights, window sills, along baseboards where moisture is present (bathrooms, mudrooms, etc.) and slowly do their damage. Over time, the presence of this moisture has a collective effect.

Once mold begins to grow – because everyone has unique sensitivities to mold – sufferers can experience runny/itchy eyes and noses or more complex respiratory symptoms similar to asthma. These symptoms, like the mold itself, over time will cause serious health risks.

You have Mold Now What?

Finding the mold is more than half the battle since sometimes it can grow out of sight. If you’ve spotted, smelled it or worse, have concluded your visits to the ear/nose/throat specialist point to mold in your home – Peake Restoration has the good news for you. We’ll not only find the mold – we’ll test for mold and perform the proper remediation!

For 27 years, we have been using a proven technique that eliminates mold along with the many mold testing that we perform as part of our removal services. Surpassing the industry standards, you can breathe easy knowing that Peake Restoration uses the best non-toxic, environmentally safe, EPA and USDA-approved products in your home.

Locally owned and family run, Peake Restoration has been operating in Maryland and serving communities that include Columbia, Ellicott City, Clarksville, and Glenelg. In addition to mold testing and remediation services, we offer a complete line of testing and remediation service, as well as crawlspaces.

With Spring on the horizon, don’t wait until then to perform mold testing in your home. Call us to conduct a mold risk assessment in your home. We can inspect and test your home for potential mold levels and if needed, create a mold remediation plan. The plan includes a visual inspection, gathering and tracking any situations that may be occurring to include pictures and evaluating ‘at risk’ areas of the home along with pre-remediation mold testing to include air sampling and physical samples.

For many, a home is the biggest investment people make. Don’t gamble your investment if you suspect mold may be present in your home...get a mold test by calling Peake Restoration today.

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