The Domino Effect of Spring Rain and Mold, and How It Affects You

April showers bring May flowers, right? Unfortunately, we at Howard County's Peake Restoration know that all that rain and moisture also brings with it mold, a nuisance that can find its way into damp places or those spaces without proper ventilation within or near your home.

Mold’s Version of Hide and Seek

Mold spores can crop up in your yard in soggy leaves and tree branches that have fallen to the ground, and those with allergies might be in for a nasty surprise while doing yard work and disrupting vegetation and debris. Often undetectable, mold is tricky and can also be found inside in the small spaces of a humid shower area or window well, under a sink with a small leak, or even near an exterior backdoor with poor drainage, and can wreak havoc on your air quality and health conditions. Interior wall spaces that contain warm, wet air are a breeding ground for mold, and through condensation, mold can often even attach itself to wallpaper’s adhesive, using it as food (yum, not). All in all, mold can be quite the winner at hide and seek, and with microbial growth forming within 24-48 hours, you may need to act quickly.

What to Look For

Not sure if you’ve got mold? You might have mold if:

  • you see bubbling of paint, or paint peeling and flaking, especially near a water source; 

  • you smell a musty odor with no discernable point of origin; 

  • you have an allergic reaction or heightened allergies in your home; or 

  • you see miniscule spots popping up that could be mold. 

Deciphering Mold and Its Environment

Howard County's Peake Restoration can come into your home to do a mold testing evaluation, providing a detailed report on the inside and outside air or material surfaces sampled, spores present, and analysis of mold spores thought to be concentrated in one area. Several tests may need to be run based on your situation and needs. While these reports can be challenging to understand, we will work with you to provide you with a thorough and user-friendly comprehension of what exactly you’re dealing with and how best to tackle your mold removal. 

Next Steps

If you’ve spotted the telltale signs mold may be growing in your home—on a window, flooring, furniture, etc.—or if you’ve got an inkling it may be in your walls, insulation, or even the air ducts or HVAC system, call Peake Restoration today. We can be at your Howard County home same day. Please ask about our senior citizen and veteran discounts. 

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